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Collection 2: Monitoring European Antisemitism

The prevalence of antisemitism in Europe can be measured in a number of ways. This collection concentrates on studies that seek to measure the prevalence of antisemitic incidents in a number of European countries.

In the last couple of decades, many European Jewish communities have set up organisations to fight and monitor antisemitism. They seek to track incidents of a number of types: physical and verbal attacks, antisemitic discourse in the media, and other kinds of hate crime such as discrimination.

In recent years, there has been a collective effort to standardise methodologies used to classify antisemitic incidents across Europe and the world, and to integrate the monitoring of antisemitism more closely into the work of the police. This effort is still ongoing and, as it stands, there remain differences in the methodologies used in some of the reports in this collection.

These reports provide a useful introduction to the work of the various European monitoring organisations (the individual item records contain links to their websites). The collection will be updated as newer reports become available. For further background, it also includes one pan-European survey on antisemitism, and a paper proposing an 'integrated measure' of antisemitism.
Collection 2: Monitoring European Antisemitism

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